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Top 5 Fashion Brands In The USA

When it comes to fashion, everybody wants to be of updated with the latest trend. There are also fashion companies which try to compete with each and provide the best products for their customers. There are many fashion companies.

Brands In The USA

The top 5 fashion companies are listed below:

  1. Ralph Lauren.
  2. Tommy Hilfiger.
  3. Nike.
  4. Michael Kors.
  5. Old Navy.

Ralph Lauren:

The Ralph Lauren Company was founded in America by a fashion designer, called Ralph Lauren. The company first started with designing and manufacturing ties and later started the clothing line. As Lauren had a great love for sports, he named his clothing like as polo in 1968.The department store of Ralph Lauren was called Bloomingdales and sold men’s clothing line at an excessive scale. This popularity made Lauren launch a simple shirt line for women. The company became very successful and went to the European market then later spread all across the world in the year 1981.

Some of the top brands in Ralph Lauren are:

  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • polo Sport
  • Pink Pony
  • Ralph Lauren purple label.
  • Ralph Lauren Children.
  • Fragrance.

Tommy Hilfiger:

Thomas Jacob Hilfiger founded Hilfiger company; Who was a fashion designer who also co-founded the record stores in the upstate of New York. The company later started the clothing line for women and also produced luxury items like perfumes. Music subcultures inspire Hilfiger’s apparel collections. Recently the Victoria secret super model began to model for Tommy Hilfiger making the company more famous than it already was.


Nike is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Sports accessories. The company was founded in 1964 as Blue ribbon Sports, and later they named it to Nike. The company took this name from a Greek Goddess of Victory. Nike is said to sponsor highly skilled and famous athletes. It has a familiar swoosh logo and the trademark “Just do it” is also quite popular.

The products Nike produces are:

  • Sports equipment: Running shoes, jerseys, shorts, cleats and base layers.
  • Street Fashion Apparel: Jeans, skirts, leg warmers, socks, sweaters, track suits, etc.

Michael Kors:

Michael Kors is an American based luxury fashion company which was established in 1981. The company produces watches, handbags and other luxury accessories.  The founder of the business, Michael Kors is an American sports fashion designer. Kors had a passion for designing at a very young age, and he also re-designed his mother’s wedding dress for a second marriage. Kors designed and sold clothes at his parents’ balcony.

Old Navy:

Old Navy is an American clothing and accessories company, Owned by a multinational corporation called GAP Inc. Initially, Old Navy was known as GAP warehouse. It was later renamed to Old Navy to separate its image from its Parent. The name Old Navy is named after a bar in Paris. Old Navy was one of the first companies to cross one billion in business in the first four years.